Classic paintings of Jewish rabbis portraits by famous Jerusalem artists

Jewish rabbis portraits paintings

 Jewish life paintings

 Portraits of women and children

 Portraits of famous Jews

Posters and  pictures on canvas

Still-life and flowers

Jerusalem landscapes paintings

    Jewish rabbis portraits paintings

We accept orders for portrait paintings from photos of your children,  favorite photos and /or studio portraits


"Rabbi  Chafets  Chaim" oil painting 

 Oil portrait painting of  Satmar Rebbe

"Rabbi Baba Saly Abuhasira" oil on canvas painting 

Rabbi Auerbach

rabbi Ben Ish Hay painting

Rabbi Kadduri painting 

 Rabbi Schnitzer 

rabbi Lubavich painting

rabbi Shah

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Portrait of Diana

Portrait of the girl

Portrait of the old man

Musician Rostropovich

Professor Skurkovich

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Jerusalem 1

Market  in Jerusalem

Prayers at Western Wall

Jewish marriage

Shabbat is coming 

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Ein Karem in Jerusalem

Old Jerusalem 2

Still-life 3 classic

Old Jerusalem 3

Our  garden 

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Still-life colorful

Minister of Defense of Israel

Still-life 1 classic

Still-life 2 classic

Joshhua Wohl  presents exhibition  "Paintings  of Jewish rabbis  portraits" by two famous artists from Jerusalem Youlia and Vladimir



 Artist Youlia was born in Saint-Petersburg. She has  graduated from the St.-Petersburg University. Now Julia is residing in Israel and  continuing to create her very  high quality paintings. At this exhibition You  can see  the examples of her art work. The classic  portraits of Jewish Rabbis painted by Youlia  are considered to be one of the best in Israel  Artist Vladimir  was born in Moscow. He has graduated from Moscow Physical Technical institute and some years later from Moscow  Art institute. He prefers painting  portraits in old style classic manner . His paintings were exhibited in many countries including Art EXPO 94 in New York. Artist Vladimir resides and works in Jerusalem. He has painted portraits of famous Jewish rabbis, known Israeli political leaders:  the former Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, the Minister of Defense of Israel Benjamin Ben Elieizer  .


 All publishing rights on all exhibited in this WEB paintings and web design are reserved only by the artists and web masters Vladimir and Youlia!


Jewish rabbis portraits paintings

 Jewish life paintings

 Portraits of women and children

 Portraits of famous Jews

Posters and  pictures on canvas

Still-life and flowers

Jerusalem landscapes paintings


We accept work for art portraits ,posters and the reproduction of Giclee = pictures on canvas.
Orders for all kinds of art works, Judaica, paintings of  portraits from photos of rabbis, children, women, group portraits, landscapes, still-life, Jewish life paintings, copies of paintings available.
Publishing rights reserved: All publishing rights on exhibited paintings are reserved only by the artists Vladimir and Youlia. All kinds of copying and using of the exhibited photos of paintings are  prohibited without written permission of the artists.
All the contacts with artists, please, make  exclusively via  Joshua Wohl


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